There are several ways to clear icky smells from your bathroom. You can light a match, buy some scented candles or use an air freshener. There’s a little-known trick that can freshen your bathroom — and it doesn’t need to be constantly replenished.

Simply add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to the inner cardboard tube of the toilet roll. Citrus scents can be refreshing, while florals such as rose and lavender can be relaxing (which may be useful considering the location). Five or so drops of essential oils should be enough to keep your bathroom smelling sweet.

The beauty of this hack is the scent of the oil is “reactivated” every time the toilet roll is used and spun around. The only thing to be cautious of is adding too much oil, as it can leak onto the paper. Some undiluted essential oils can irritate your skin. So if you’re concerned that you’ve been applying it too liberally, avoid using the last few sheets of paper.