It always bothered me when people would say they were going to “call an Uber.” Technically you’re not actually calling anyone; you’re requesting a ride from the Uber app. But, alas, Uber is now experimenting with a toll-free number, so I’ll have to find something else to complain about.

The ride-hailing giant is rolling out its toll-free phone number, 1-833-USE-UBER, in Arizona. The service is designed for users who don’t have smartphones. According to Uber, it was feedback from older people that led to this new program. The company selected Arizona as a test area because of the state’s rising population of older adults.

Go Go Grandparent

Uber isn’t the first company to offer a simple toll-free number to riders. With Go Go Grandparent, people without smartphones can call 1 (855) 905-2484 whenever they need a ride. Go Go Grandparent will arrange a ride with a ride-sharing service. This could be a good way for your aging parents to get around. For more info, visit