Living alone can be difficult. There’s no one around to help with some of the basic functions you need to get through the day.

But it can also be a very empowering and peaceful experience. Through all its ups and downs, there are a few simple products to invest in that make life that much easier.

1. Buttonhole helper

Buttoning shirts might not be the first thing you think of needing assistance with when living alone, but a tricky button can make getting dressed a frustrating ordeal. A buttonhole helper is just the thing to help your fingers in that specific sticky situation. And if you’re dealing with arthritis, this can be especially helpful.

2. Jar opener

Even with the strongest of grips, some jar lids feel nearly impossible to twist loose. Rubber grips can help, but sometimes you just need something with a little more force. Thankfully, jar openers exist that attach to the underside of a sturdy surface and twist open lids with a monster grip.

3. Jewelry clasp helper 

Similar to a buttonhole helper, jewelry clasp helpers are here to assist with spots that are a little too tough for some fingers. Specifically designed to help grip bracelets and avoid awkward wrist twists, a jewelry clasp helper is one more tool that’ll get you ready and on with your day.

4. Clever key hiding place

Getting accidentally locked out when you live alone is never fun. Maybe you trust a neighbor to have a set of your keys, but what happens if they’re not home either?

It can be scary to leave keys under a doormat or near a windowsill, or any other place that people might think to look for them. Thankfully, cleverly designed hiding places for keys like this fake rock can be placed in a yard or garden and save you from that awkward situation.

5. Amazon Echo

Smart speakers are convenient for any household, but they’re especially helpful for people living alone. Not only do they play music, podcasts and TV shows, but they can also be programmed to remind you of tasks you might have otherwise forgotten about.

Even more importantly, Alexa is great in case of an emergency. Having a voice-activated system to rely on if you fall is key when you might not be able to access your phone.

6. Zipper pull

Need to zip up a long dress by yourself, but lack the double-jointed elbows that would allow you to do so? Never fear — the zipper pull is here! This long string can be conveniently clipped onto a zipper and yanked up from a much shorter distance.

Once again, you’ll be able to get ready in no time and won’t feel reliant on another person to help with your day-to-day tasks. 

7. The Clapper

Before you laugh, the infamous Clapper lighting system is actually pretty convenient for folks living on their own.

In case you’re not familiar with the commercials that advertised the sound-activated system, the Clapper works by turning lights on and off at the sound of a loud human clap. “Clap on, clap off … ” controls your lights from the comfort of a chair or couch without having to get up.

8. Video doorbell

Another safety measure that’ll help give lone residents peace of mind, a doorbell with a video camera attached is an excellent way to make sure you always know who’s entering your space or who an unexpected visitor might be.

Measures like this might seem small, but a little bit of extra security goes a long way in making you feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

9. A folding step ladder

Living alone can be especially tricky if you happen to be a bit vertically challenged. And those who live alone tend to have less space, so finding room to store multiple household items can be tough. But if you’re able to climb a few steps, a solution to both of these issues exists!

This foldable step ladder takes up very little closet space and gives you the boost you need (on multiple different levels) to reach those tricky shelf or cabinet items.

10. A grocery bag carrying tool

An unfortunate fact about being human is that we only have two hands, which complicates tasks like carrying multiple grocery bags in one trip.

Enter the grocery bag carrying tool. A device that looks not unlike a large climbing carabiner, this tool can hook onto multiple shopping bags so your two-handed conundrum suddenly feels a lot more doable.

11. Containers in various sizes

If you make something like, say, a vat of soup that you’d like to enjoy over the week or even throughout the month, smaller-sized plastic containers are the perfect way to store perishables in the fridge or freezer.

Whether you’re an avid meal-prepper or just someone who likes to make the occasional long-lasting meal, multiple-sized plasticware is key to getting the most out of your food’s longevity and saving yourself the headache of wondering what’s for dinner later. 

12. Rechargeable tissue massager

Hey, life can get stressful sometimes. Sometimes you just need to get those kinks out of your muscles. A rechargeable tissue massager that can reach those hard-to-get places is just what the doctor ordered.

13. Automatic pet feeder

Pets are excellent companions. But the added pressure of making sure they’re cared for when you’re away — even for a few hours — can deter some folks from wanting to own one.

An automatic feeder is just the thing to help ease that anxiety and make sure your four-legged friends get fed.

14. Body pillow

If you’re a cuddler, a full body pillow will give you that feeling of comfort and safety at night. (Plus, they’re way softer than an actual human being.)

15. A literary subscription box

Subscription services are all the rage these days. Whether it’s clothing, pet products, or even wine, you can have your favorite things regularly delivered right to your doorstep.

A literary subscription brings books along with products like tea and candles to accompany them, so you’ll remain entertained in the midst of a relaxing, warm atmosphere.

16. Recipes for one

Don’t limit yourself to takeout and frozen dinners — cookbooks designed for single-serving meals exist for just this purpose. You can treat yourself to nice, nutritious meals that you prepare for yourself. 

17. Slow cooker

Last but not least, another handy tool for making your meals is a slow cooker. They’re typically very easy to use and lend themselves to a versatile menu of stews, soups, roasts, and more. Make a pot of something and store more of it for later in your plasticware set, and you won’t have to worry about food for weeks.