If you’re an animal lover and social media user, chances are you follow one of the Internet’s many famous pets on Instagram or Twitter. Whether it’s Marnie the dog with her perpetually stuck-out tongue and lopsided gait or Grumpy Cat, the Scrooge of the internet animal kingdom, thousands of users keep up with the day-to-day adventures of these goofy, lovable companions.

The owner of the Instagram-famous Kardoggians felt the outpouring of internet support firsthand.

But as any pet owner knows, the heartbreaking day is bound to come when a human has to say goodbye to their furry best friend. And when that friend is also beloved by so many strangers, it can make it even more painful. Luckily, there’s a vast community of famous pet owners to help them deal with the loss.

Dorie Herman, the owner of the Instagram-famous clan of older chihuahuas known as the Kardoggians, felt the outpouring of internet support firsthand when her first pup Chloe passed away last year. She began posting about Chloe’s deteriorating health and received advice and support from the community, as well as gratitude from other pet owners who were dealing with similar health issues in their fur babies and found support and consolation in Chloe’s updates.

Saying goodbye is the hardest part of loving any animal, whether it be a pet of your own or a virtual companion. But in the case of the Insta-pet, at least you have a built-in grief support group right on that pet’s page.