Wax paper is a lightweight paper with a thin coating of wax on each side. The wax makes for a great non-stick surface and has many uses in the kitchen.

Brought out of commercial use and into kitchens with Cut-Rite Wax Paper in the 1920s, wax paper became a go-to for wrapping foods such as meat, cheese and baked goods. The wax surface keeps moisture in and helps keep foods moist and fresh. But there are plenty of other uses for this low-cost kitchen staple.

1. Keep drawers clean

Line drawers, cabinets, and even the top of the fridge with wax paper for the easiest cleanup. Use a bit of double-sided tape to keep it tacked down.

Every month or so, just gather up and toss the sheets, then replace with fresh ones. Dust, dirt, and food bits will stick on the wax paper and not your surfaces.

2. Help a stuck zipper

Wax paper’s anti-stick properties help with more than just food items. Rub a piece along the tracks of a stuck zipper for an easier way to unstick. You can also use this trick for regular maintenance — try it every so often for a smoother zip.

3. Funnel spices and other small items

Easily transfer spices and other small items, like craft supplies, to jars using wax paper. Roll a sheet up (you can add a bit of tape for stability) to create a funnel and place inside the jar or container and pour for a mess-free fillup.

4. Make faucets shine

Erase fingerprints and water stains from your faucets with a quick rub of wax paper. Use a sheet to buff along the faucet for shine and banish pesky water spots. The wax will also act as a temporary moisture barrier.

5. Protect cutting boards

Juices from meats and high-liquid foods can seep into your cutting boards, stain them and even get trapped, inviting bacteria.

Before working with meat, cover your cutting board with a sheet of wax paper for an extra layer of protection. This trick works best when seasoning, as a knife could rip through the paper when cutting.

6. Stop microwave splatter

Keep your microwave from accumulating yucky food splatter that’s hard to scrub off. When reheating splatter-prone foods like pastas and sauces, place a sheet of wax paper over the food. Your microwave walls will stay grease- and mess-free. Note: while wax paper is microwave-safe, it is not safe for oven use, as the wax could burn or even ignite. The only oven-safe use for wax paper is as a lining for cake pans, since the batter covers the paper, according to Reynolds Kitchens.

7. Clean floors

If you run out of cleaning pads for your mop (like a Swiffer), wax paper is a cheaper alternative that works just as well. Cut to size and attach as normal. The paper will grab dust and dirt from your floors.

8. Clean gardening tools

Gardening tools are especially susceptible to accumulating gunk and rust. Scrub the grime from your tools with a balled up piece of wax paper. It will remove the dirt and also help keep them rust-free.

9. Make snow shoveling easier

Shoveling snow is difficult enough, without heavy snow sticking to your shovel and weighing it down. Before you tackle your driveway, run a wax paper sheet all over your shovel to prevent sticking.

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