Farmhouse sinks add a luxurious feel to any kitchen. They offer plenty of space for doing the dishes and are not at the mercy of style fads that come and go. However, there are certain things you should know before your purchase a farmhouse sink. This isn’t designed to discourage you. Just know what to expect.

1. You will get wet

If your faucet has a spray setting, prepare for some splashback. The depths of these sinks mean the more spray that is created when the water hits the stopper. Try using the stream rather than spray setting on your tap, and maybe invest in an apron.

2. You will break plates

The combination of slippery dish soap and water can lead to kitchen accidents, but you should anticipate a few more broken dishes than usual if you have a farmhouse sink. The sinks are designed to be extra durable, which is great for their longevity. But it can mean that they are unforgiving if you drop a glass or plate. The best solution for this is to invest in higher quality, “break-resistant” dishware and glasses to avoid accidents, or make sure you are as cautious as possible with your favorite pieces.

3. You’ll need to clean it more

Unlike your old stainless steel sink, a farmhouse sink in usually white, which can show the dirt and scratches more easily. To clean a farmhouse sink you can use that trusty combination of white vinegar and baking soda, or use Kohler’s Cast Iron Sink Cleaner.

4. You may need a dish drainer

If you’re used to a double sink where you wash dishes on the left and drain on the right, then a farmhouse sink can be an adjustment. With one large sink, all the dishes in it will get wet. It’s best to invest in a dish drainer and position it over a clean tea towel to allow dishes to air-dry. If you find this look unsightly, you can always store the dish drainer out of sight under the sink once the dishes are dry.

5. You will notice scratches

Farmhouse sinks will scratch despite their tough exterior. The scratches often occur because people aren’t used to the depth of the sink and drop pans from a height by accident. This can really rough up your sink, especially if you use a heavy cast iron skillet. Try to be mindful of the sink until you get used to the depth of it, and take extra care when placing dishes in to be washed.