Retirement, in all its exciting, nerve-wracking splendor, is undoubtedly a milestone worth celebrating. But picking out the perfect gift for a retiree isn’t always easy. If you’re stuck on what to get for your retiring loved one, here’s a little inspiration.

1. A scratch-off travel journal

If your friend or loved one has an adventurous side, they’ll likely want to spend some of their newfound free time traveling. To help them catalog their journeys, get them a scratch-off travel journal. This notebook comes with an interactive map so they can collect an exciting visual representation of their voyages while writing down funny anecdotes and favorite memories from their new experiences.

2. A spa basket

Now that your retiree is free from the stressors of a workplace, they deserve the ultimate relaxation. Instead of just giving them a gift card to a spa, a personalized spa basket is a great way to encourage their wind-down time while showing that you put in that extra ounce of personalization. Pre-packaged versions exist for easy one-stop purchases, or you can always put together your own based on the receiver’s tastes and preferences. 

3. Flower seeds

For anyone looking to start or spruce up a garden, flower seed packets are an excellent and easy gift option.

Surprise them with your knowledge of their favorite flower, or put together a “bouquet” of seasonal seeds to fuel their gardening hobby. Nurturing a garden gives many people a strong sense of purpose, and it’s a nicely meditative way to pass time. Maybe they’ll even take up flower arranging while they’re at it.

4. ‘100 things to do’ scratch-off poster

For the person who’s easily bored or doesn’t quite know what to do with their time, a 100 things to do poster offers plenty of unexpected options to keep them on their toes. Scratch off squares that will suggest new activities and adventures to complete weekly, monthly, or even daily. And once they run out of the first 100 ideas, you can always get them another variation to keep the fun going.

5. Personalized photo frame

Now that your retiring friend will have more time at home, why not help them spruce up the walls? A personalized photo frame is a thoughtful gift. Frames that allow you to include quotes or other personalized sentiments make the gift giving that much more special and unique. 

6. Clock with a quote

Whether it’s to remind someone that they don’t technically have to look at the clock so much anymore, to offer words of encouragement, or just put a smile on their face, a clock with a personalized quote option is an excellent, unexpected gift choice. And hey, it’s also nice to be reminded that plenty of people still use and appreciate analog clocks — they don’t all have to be on a smartphone.

7. Literary subscription 

Whether the recipient is already an avid reader or looking for ways to spend their newfound free time, a literary subscription box is an exciting way to be introduced to new books every month.

Some subscription boxes include things like themed tea and candles as well, to ensure the receiver will have the ultimate relaxation experience. A gift that truly keeps on giving — at least once a month until their subscription runs — literary boxes are a great way to fill the hours while also expanding the mind. Some options include Book of the Month, the Fresh Fiction Box, and LitJoy.

8. Whiskey-making kit

For the retired spirits fan, a whiskey-making kit is a perfect gift that’s part luxury, part hobby. Anyone who’s harbored a wish to become a distiller but doesn’t have access to traditional facilities can make a variation of their favorite tipple right in their own kitchen. Now that’s certainly one way to make a retired friend happy.

9. New Hobby Box

New Hobby Box is a company that has set out to help people find their next passion. From wood carving to bookbinding to macrame, help a new retiree discover their next passion and hey, perhaps a nifty new skill they had no idea they possessed.

Once they use up the contents of the box, they can invest in more materials and keep up their new skill, or perhaps even check out another box and take up a whole new hobby. Trying new hobbies can become their new hobby!

10. Personalized poker set

For the retired cardshark, a personalized poker set is a classy, thoughtful gift that will help them pass the time playing their favorite game, while impressing their guests with their very own set while they’re at it. Poker is a great way for people to stay social and connected to their community, while hopefully not blowing all of their savings during a game.

11. Picnic backpack

You’ve heard of a classic picnic basket, but a modern option — the picnic backpack — is a fun, easy-to-carry variation that’ll help a retiree cart all of their picnicking necessities to a nearby park or grassy knoll. Now that they’re retired, there’s no reason lunchtime shouldn’t last hours on end in some beautiful scenery should they choose.

12. Tanzanite ring

For an extra special touch, consider the rarity and beauty of a tanzanite ring as a bonus retirement gift. The mesmerizing violet-blue hue of tanzanite is not only visually stunning but also symbolizes the uniqueness of the retiree’s journey. This unexpected and elegant gesture can be an unforgettable way to express appreciation for their years of dedication.