Are you thinking about getting a puppy? Bringing a small furry friend into your home is an exciting time in your life. There is nothing like the companionship you have between you and your dog. But in order to train and raise your puppy in the best possible way, you need the right tools. Let’s take a look at five supplies that you’re going to need when you’re getting a puppy.

Baby Gates

If you have staircases in your home or a lot of rooms, it’s advisable to get baby gates. This is going to prevent your canine from wandering. It can also make sure that you train your puppy and avoid accidents in the home. Therefore, invest in some cheap baby gates that you can put over doorways. This keeps your canine where you want them to be during the day, especially if you’re out.

Comfortable Bed

Every pup needs a warm and fluffy bed they can nap in. Puppies are known to need a lot more sleep than adults. So, ensure that you make their bed comfortable for them. You can do this with woof blankets, which are warm and cozy and ideal for your dog when it wants to snuggle up warm. Your pooch can know that this is their space to rest and they can re-energize for some fun later in the day.

Collar and ID Tags

While your new puppy might not be allowed out for walks straight away, you can start purchasing accessories for this activity. In other words, you need a cute collar and leash! When your pooch is growing, it is best to use soft material for the collar. Some dog owners opt for a harness instead to avoid pulling on the neck. Do not forget to get personalized ID tags too. This should include contact details in case your furry friend gets lost.

A Crate

House training your canine can be difficult. It can also be hard to teach your new pooch to spend time on their own. That is why a lot of dog owners invest in a crate. This can be a good tool to use for both of these things. Since they are descendants of wolves, a lot of breeds still like a den, which can be provided through a crate. This can be their safe space and somewhere they can snooze and be comfortable. In particular, they do not like to soil where they sleep. Spend some time learning about crate training and it can be a fantastic tool for your pup. 

Variety of Toys

When your canine is young, they are going to be learning all the time. They are going to be able to have fun and learn through toys when they are at home. Playing with your pup is a good time to bond and teach them manners, as well as expend some energy. In addition, there are toys that allow your dog to work for food, which can keep them entertained and exercise their brain.