I’m going to say it: men are impossible to buy gifts for. There are socks, ties, a wristwatch maybe. But once you’ve exhausted those options, where do you turn?

Well, I have a suggestion for the sports-loving menfolk in your life, courtesy of a company called Pop Chart Lab. These stadium scratch-off sets are posters with the various stadiums of each sport. Whenever they visit a stadium, they can scratch it off the poster and feel resplendent with pride. You will enjoy having the house to yourself, so it’s a win/win — the gift that keeps on giving.

(Of course it could mean you’ll get dragged to dozens of baseball, hockey, football or basketball games in strange cities. Buyer beware.)

‘Major League Ballparks’ Scratch-Off Chart

Find ‘Major League Ballparks’ Poster: Pop Chart Lab, $25


‘Hockey Arenas’ Scratch-Off Chart

Find ‘Hockey Arenas’ Poster: Pop Chart Lab, $25


‘NBA Courtside’ Scratch-Off Chart

Find ‘NBA Courtside’ Poster: Pop Chart Lab, $25


NFL and beyond

You can also choose NFL stadiums, novels, or graphic novels.