Waking up to a fresh cup of coffee is the perfect way to start your day. But what if you could time your coffee or tea to be ready to drink the moment you open your eyes? And not only that, but your steaming cup of deliciousness is patiently waiting for you on your bedside table, not on the kitchen counter. You never have to leave your bed!

No, you’re not still dreaming. Wake up and meet The Barisieur.

The Barisieur, created by Joshua Renouf, a London-based designer, is an automatic coffee or tea brewer that eases you into the day with the sound of bubbling water and the smell of freshly brewed coffee or loose leaf tea. It combines the ability to make hot beverages with an alarm clock, meaning that you can literally wake up and smell the coffee.

Crawling out of bed and staggering to the coffee maker is always a grueling task, but the Barisieur promises that their device will not only wake you up gently, but will stimulate all five senses in the process:

  • Sound – The sounds of the coffee bubbling away
  • Sight – See the water get transported into the filter
  • Smell – The coffee brewing
  • Taste – The coffee
  • Touch – The tangible buttons and form of the product

How does The Barisieur work?

Well, it looks a little like a chemistry set, but some would say good coffee is a science.

The boiling vessel on the left is sealed with a bung, which is essential for transporting the water. The stainless steel base heats up to boil the water. Steam pressure is produced, forcing the water out of the vessel and into the filter, brewing a perfect beverage. 

There’s a milk vessel, which lifts out from the tray and is cooled overnight and throughout the day. Below that is a sealed and refrigerated drawer for tea, coffee and sugar. 

If you’re looking for a big gift for the coffee lover in your life, this is sure to be a hit. Or if you find mornings as unbearable as I do, perhaps send this article to your significant other as an oh-so-subtle hint for what you’d like from Santa this year.

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